From The Lounge


Spring has sprung for sure! Lots of stuff going on around here. Keep an eye on your calendar for stuff that’s on its way.

Speaking of things coming up. I have a date you should save for June. Our very own Harry Patton will be celebrating his 95th birthday on Friday, June 9. Please bring a tasty dish for a potluck dinner evening from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Birtday night falls on Friday the 19th of May. If you all bring your favorite side dishes and salads, the bar will provide you with a delicious entre. I wish I could tell you now what it will be, but that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it? (Honestly, I haven’t decided what it will be yet!)

Potato Bar is on the 4th. Wimpy Burgers are on the 17th. The S.A.L. also has some food nights coming up. Fun!

That’s all I got, folks!

Erys Molina